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Fabiola Méndez is a Puerto Rican cuatrista, singer, Emmy-nominated composer, and educator that has taken part in a musical and cultural movement, crossing over the lines of genres such as folk, jazz & Afro-Caribbean and taking the listener on a journey through identities, cultures, and roots.

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Fabiola Méndez Trio @ Uncommon Stage Summer Residency

Uncommon Stage, Boston MA

06/15/2024 | 3pm

06/18/2024 | 5pm

07/11/2024 | 1pm

07/20/2024 | 3pm

08/23/2024 | 6pm

Free admission

Fabiola Méndez Trio @ The Thames Club

The Thames Club, New London CT

06/22/2024 | 5:30pm


Fiesta en la Calle

Essex Art Center, Lawrence MA

07/13/2024 | 1pm

Free admission

Puerto Rican BayFest

Providence, Rhode Island

07/21/2024 | time TBA

Free admission

Salsa on the Square

Fountain Square, Cincinnati OH

08/08/2024 | 7pm

Free admission

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